Borzoi of the Past

Hawk & Duffy

1988 - 2000 Tobrien's Kestral Hawk
Our first borzoi pictured here with Irish wolfhound, Duffy. We bought Hawk from his breeder, Darcy Lampe. Hawk had one major Specialty win before his bite 'went out' and we never got his championship. But he ruled the roost at Wideviewfarm until he died even though he was the smallest dog we owned.

Hawk lure coursing
Hawk lure coursing

Challey as a baby
1989 - 1998, Tobrien's Nonchalance

We got Challey in 1989. Challey was anything but nonchalant. He had a head injury as a young dog and that ended his show career. He was a love and a home-body.

Challey showing
Grown up Challey before his head injury.

1997 - 1999, Ch. Sky Run Lord of the Dance

Dance winning Best of Breed
We got Dance from Barbara Skinner and co-owned with her. Dance died very young but not before he had a spectacular show career. He finished with three 5 point Specialty majors, several Best in Sweeps and Best of Op in Sweeps. We had just started to show him as a Special when he died from a aortic aneursym. Dances with wolves
Dance(s) with wolves

1997 - 2005, Sky Run SpencerSpencer
We 'borrowed' Spencer, who had been returned to breeder Barbara Skinner to babysit Rocket (see below) so he had someone to play with since the old wolfhounds were too big for him. Spence was so wonderful - a perfect gentleman that we asked Barbara if we could keep he stayed.
Spencer playingSpencer playing with snake toy

1999 - 2007, Monarch Sylvan Sky-Rocket, JC.Rockey - baby Rocket was from Ch Monarch Special Angel x Sky Run Hit the Road. 
Bred by Tammy & Shawn Smith, Chris & Patti Neale. Co-owned with Barbara Skinner. Rocket was the most independent of our dogs. He was an avid hunter, courser &  trained in agility.

We lost Rocket only 4 weeks after Grennie (see the right column - for the Irish Wolfhounds). Rocket was 7 years old.

Rocket stacked
Rocket stacked

2003 - 2013
Ch HH Skyrun Road Trip, JC

Bred by Chris Danker (Hemlock Hollow) & co-breeder Barbara Skinner (Sky Run).

His dam was CH Sky Run Catera CDX RE AX AXJ AXP OJP NAC. NJC NGC and his sire was Ch. Korsakov's Music Man White Sage, JC. We co-own Trip with Barbara Skinner.

Trip finished his conformation championship at Ballston Spa in 2008.

2007 Borzoi Club of New England Specialty - Trip won Winners Dog for a 5 point major. Trip - memorial

Irish Wolfhounds of the Past

1974 -1981, Pequest Knoll DaneenDaneen 1978

Our first dog, bred by Fran and Dave Hall. Danny was stolen and then rescued in NYC before he came to us in 1977.

Danny and Norma

Danny helping our niece Norma learn to walk.

1979 - 1989, Pequest Knoll Eoin MacNiallEoin as youngster
"Eoin" was our first dog that we raised from a puppy. He was bred by Dave & Fran Hall. Here he is being shown at the IWCA National.

Eoin - veteranAnd here is Eoin being shown in 1987 in the Veteran Class at the IWCA National in South Carolina

1977 - 1991, RudyRudy
Our third wolfhound, another 'rescue was placed with us at three years old by the people who bought him at pet store'. He lived to the old age of 13 yrs & 11 months - a very old Irish wolfhound indeed. He marched in the Stroudsburg St Patrick's Day parade at 12 years old

1989 - 1997, Sciota's Dubhthach An Realt "Duffy"Duffy

Duffy - was bred by Claire & Jack Parker. He was a hound with a really sweet temperament and a central part of the 'pack'. Duffy stacked
Here is Duffy taking a placement at the IWCA National in South Carolina. He seemed to catch every illness around at events so eventually we stopped taking him to shows.

1993 - 1997, R Noble Carraig Liath

Bred by Joe and Kathy & Jim and Jean Roland. Carrick - .... our really tall guy.He was the rock star of the family. We really felt like roadies taking him places. He once emptied a tour bus of seniors at a rest stop - they all ran out with their video's & cameras much to the chagrin of the driver. He posed for more photos with more kids than any other dog we've owned. He was an honest 37 inches at the withers and weighed 195 pounds. And loved being the center of attention!

Carrick head study
Another one gone 'too soon', we never knew what caused the illness that took him from us.

1997 - 2000, Karn's Farrell of EagleFarrell & Santa

Farrell - from Jacki Karpinski, unfortunately had health issues from a young age. We lost him to bloat at 3 years old. He was a favorite of everyone, being a real sweetheart. Below he is pictured doing Public Education at the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem, PA.Farrell & girls
photo by Hub Wilson

1995 - 2004, Ch Karn's Emann of Eagle

Emann & David

He came to us as a 2 yr old from Jackie Karpinski & Sam Ewing. We lost him a few months short of his 10th birthday. Emann, often known as "Emann the Demon" to his friends gained that reputation as a youngster. He was a well behaved gentleman by the time he came to us. A constant companion, he leaves a huge hole in our pack and lives.

Emann in pool
Shortly after Emann arrived - attempting to fit in the dog's kiddie pool.

Emann veteran
Emann won Veteran Dog class at the Potomac Valley Irish Wolfhound Club Specialty.

1996 - 2007, Ch Taliesin's La'dir of Eagle "Grennie"


Grennie, was bred by Donna & David Smith. He was already a finished champion when we got him from the Smiths. He was 4 years old when he came to live with us. He took agility classes for several years although he never competed, he enjoyed the process until he had to stop jumping due to his age. We lost him shortly after his 10th birthday in Feb 2007.

Grennie stacked
Grennie being shown by co-owner, breeder Donna Smith before he came to us

2005 - 2013, Taliesin's Liam of Wideview, JC


"Smudge". Bred by Donna & David Smith (Taliesin IWs) and co-owned with them. Smudge was one of 10 orphaned puppies since their dam, Legend, was lost in surgery. He had knee surgery due to a torn acl and could not be shown or go lure coursing, but he still enjoyed going on walks, doing public education events and meeting people until his death.

Smudge was also credited as the cartoonist whose cartoons were included in many issues of the Wolfhound Quarterly (an online magazine).

2006-2016 "Jack" DC Taliesin's Wizard of Wideview, Fch, LCX, MC, SGRC, CGC, JOR, VC

"Jack" Bred by Donna & David Smith and co-owned with Donna. Jack was our most winning wolfhound we have ever owned. He was an excellent lure courser, straight racer, as well as conformation champion. He competed in performance events up to eight and half years old. We hoped he would go on forever, but we lost him a few months before his eleventh birthday. He is sorely missed.